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Price: $800 DOB: 13/02/2018
Rody is a very SPECIAL boy.. A miracle baby so to speak.  When he was born, the Dr. said he was pretty sure this little one that was "blocking the road" preventing natural birth, was dead.  Well, Rody hadn't given up nearly that easy.  He came to life & has been a great pleasure to have a s a pal. Rody was born Feb 13, 2018 & has been my pal all spring/summer.  However, as was feared, he is getting too big to use as a stud in our breeding program.  Having raised Miniature Herefords for 25+ years, we learned that big birthweights don't always mean BIG at maturity.  But in Rody's case, at 5 months he has already outgrown his position as a "herd sire" in the KP Ranch program. So with sad realization, I am offering him for sale.  He is a very sweet boy with OUTSTANDING conformation.  He is THICK with great bone..
  • SIRE: Reese
  • DAM: Special