Our Aussie Females

Beauty Brains & Athleticism combined in a loveable package. The KP Ranch Little Aussie females  have been carefully selected each maybe for it's own reason. Originally all BLUE GIRLS..  I love blue girls & Red boys.. but I have expanded my horizons to include a double blue-eyed dark red-tri daughter of Harli & Ross (Sugar), and 2 black-tri daughters of Dusti & Ross. Babe, the "ORIGINAL".. the first of the Aussie females here.  Beautiful, athletic & loyal. National & International Champion in conformation.  Babe is now retired and living a life of luxury in Ohio. Eve, great conformation though never shown was the next Little Aussie female to arrive at the KP Ranch. Awesome producer of Champions (see Harli's page), & forever friend.  She has been & continues to be a great momma to beautiful well built babies. Shado, a Babe daughter with a fabulous personality, a soft coat & loving heart & 2 brown eyes. The first KAP Aussie female retained for a breeding program. She is a great momma dog & a faithful friend.  Shado is now retired and lounging happily in Iowa. Cookie, a double blue eyed tiny toy female, need I say more?? Purchased as an adult to add something new to the Little Aussie females here at the KP Ranch. What a great job she has done!!  Due to medical issues, Cookie Monster will not have any more babies, but will remain at the KP for the rest of her days to keep the cats in check & outside the fence of the puppy yard. Dusti, another Babe daughter, this one with the same athleticism of her mother with Champ for a sire (agility champion).. Beautiful in looks, FAST!!! & loyal.  If I can keep up with her she should be a great agility partner..  ASDR level 1 Champion! What beautiful babies she is producing.. wow.. Harli, an Eve daughter, with a unique color, a 1/2 of 1 blue eye, fabulous conformation, good bone & a heart of gold.  A daddy's girl, but a good one!!  ASDR Level 1 Champion!  Producer of some fabulous babies.  We have retained one of her daughters & a son for future use in our program. Sugar, a double blue-eyed dark red merle daughter of Harli & Ross is the next in the line up.  Champion dam & sire sure shows up in this little girl.  What a superbly put together little beauty. Fanci, is a well built black-tri daughter of Dusti & Ross with the love of her Grandmother (Babe).  Beautiful, athletic & smart... that pretty much describes her.. and anxious to please.. Cheers is a carbon copy of her sister with a softer heart.  She has more inner beauty but the same love of running & jumping and water that her Grandmother has.  I am anxious to see the babies these two little girls add to our labors of love.

Babe, 2008 National & International Champion.

Babe, our original Aussie female was purchased as a puppy & shown to earn both her National & International Championships.  A great companion that turned into a cow checking partner that eventually became the "cowdog" when Ozark we...

Dusti Rose ASDR Champion

Babe/Champ daughter born Jan 27, 2016.  13 3/8" ASDR measurement in July 2017 two brown eyes.  This little athlete is the fastest Little Aussie on the ranch.  If I can keep up with her, Dusti Rose should be a fantastic little agility par...


"Cookie" Monster is our smallest Toy Aussie, and what a little package she has become.  With a personality all of her own & a great little mind that runs on the same wavelength. Tough as nails & determined as well, 2 blue eyes and...

Harli ASDR Champion

Harli is what I think they call a Harlequin Merle, thus "Harli". She is a Champ/Eve daughter. Beautifully put together, pretty head, neatly feminine body with actual muscle & a gorgeous coat.  Great producer!  We have now retained 2 o...

Welcome also... Lindsey's "Special"

What an absolutely gorgeous girl we were lucky enough to acquire.  Thank you Lindsey's Aussies for sharing your "Special" girl with us.  Thank you also for the beautiful pictures of her. We are so happy to have her as part of our Champion...


Sugar is a double blue-eyed dark red merle beauty.  No official measure on her yet, but she is about 12" .  Awesome conformation & outstanding coat complete this little sweetheart.  The only thing she likes more than love & hugs...