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KAP Mt Rocky aka “Stud Muffin”
"Stud Muffin" is the name given to KAP Mt. Rocky when we took him to be collected.  A 36# birth weight on this guy didn't hinder his progress, growth  or production one bit.  Stud Muffin was "Pre-show- time", born in 1996 well before any Miniature Hereford shows had materialized.  His genetic line was the other 1/2 of our breeding program.  His prodigy crossed with Henry's built the KP Miniature Hereford genetic pool that proved many times over in the show ring to be "the best".  He has most of 2oo prodigy registered with the American Hereford Association and with his low birth weight is also a great choice for first calf heifers.