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The KP Ranch, owned and operated by Kenny & Ali Petersen was established in 1992, located in eastern Nebraska about an hour north of Omaha near Summit Lake.  

In 1994 we researched and purchased our first Miniature Hereford cattle. That was the beginning of a whole new world for us at the KP Ranch. Miniature Hereford cattle were NEW to the cattle industry and no one had ever heard of them. In an effort to promote the breed and educate the general public, we began to take cattle to shows to display them with other Hereford cattle. In 1998 we showed at the first true Miniature Hereford show in the USA at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, where we had both the Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Bull and the Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Female. Many more Grand and Reserve Champions have followed.  Kenny & Ali were the push behind the development of Miniature Hereford shows across the USA, beginning with the National Western in Denver and continuing to include Houston, Austin, Louisville, IA State Fair, California State Fair and others.

The dedication to the breed and the industry has grown and the show success of the KP Ranch has continued. KP Ranch is the show calf capitol of the Miniature Hereford world.  In 2023 KP Ranch, as pioneers in the Miniature Hereford industry, took another step into the unknown with the launch of an online meat business, KP Heritage Miniature Hereford Beef. 

Home of the champions, past, present and future.


The history of the KP Ranch includes many “firsts”. In Burt County, NE, which is in the northeast corner of the state, many have still not heard of Miniature Hereford cattle, even though they have been here for twelve years. Widely known across the country as the “Miniature Hereford Show Bull Capitol of the World” breeders and owners of KAP King Henry, the leading herd sire in the industry; KAP Silver Sampson, the most winning bull in the Miniature Hereford industry; and KAP Powerful Gust Grand Champion at the Miniature Hereford World Show in Regina, Sask, Canada, KP Ranch is tucked in the rolling hills near Tekamah, Nebraska.

In 1994, the inability to expand the commercial herd of momma cows led to the sale of them and the purchase of Miniature Hereford cattle. Ten females and a bull were purchased for the same amount we sold the commercial herd for. What a gamble for a couple NE cow-pokes. Since that time, we have enlarged our herd, and our ranch and have worked very hard to promote the breed in various ways.

In 1999 the unending calls looking for information regarding the breed and care for the animals led to the establishment of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association and the publication “Miniature Cattle Around the World” which both began right here in our office. With the help of several caring people, the first show at the National Western Stock Show, in Denver, CO came to the planning table. January 2000 launched that National show for Miniature Hereford cattle. 2001 brought Miniature Hereford breeders and cattle down from Canada for the show, what an experience.

2006 was the date of the first Miniature Hereford show at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in Houston, TX. Yet another first. Cattlemen of all ages were fascinated with the superior quality of the animals presented.

2007 should prove to be yet another first, as we work toward the first Miniature Hereford show on the east side of the country in Harrisburg, PA.

While we at the KP Ranch work very hard to win Miniature Hereford cattle shows, it is just as gratifying to us to have the cattle that we have raised & sold win for other breeders.

Our beginning was just a day in history, while the beginning of the Hereford breed was history. Hundreds of years ago, the Hereford breed came to be in Hereford, England. The cattle we refer to as Miniature Hereford cattle today are merely a product of the original Hereford cattle of the 1950’s and 60’s that were not bred up to where they are today. In recent years, breeders have continued in an effort to down-size them a bit more. Miniature Hereford cattle have no specific designation at the American Hereford Association where they are registered. Height requirements need only be met at MHBA sanctioned shows, where the acceptable height for a mature Miniature Hereford bull is 48 inches measured at the hip and 45 inches for a mature female, measured at the hip.

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