Kenny and Ali


Cattle at KP Ranch

Over the years KP Ranch has produced some of the finest genetics in the industry. While the physical production here at the ranch has slowed down, we are still very active in the sale of high quality Miniature Hereford cattle. We have a nice selection of Miniature Hereford show calves for sale. They will be primarily ET calves out of Champion bloodlines with a few natural born calves with KAP genetics. If you look at the pedigree of some of the finest cattle in the Miniature Hereford industry you will likely find KAP in some of the prefixes. We spent 20+ years developing and producing the quality of cattle that you are proud to own, show and reproduce to show and sell.

If you are looking for a show calf for the coming season, look here first. Replacement heifers on your list?? There will be some of those too. New blood in your Herd sire. We will have a few GOOD herd sires to offer as well.

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