Kenny and Ali


KP Ranch Owners


The KP Ranch, owned and operated by Kenny & Ali Petersen was established in 1992, located in eastern Nebraska about an hour north of Omaha near Summit Lake, running a commercial beef production cow/calf operation.

In 1994 the inability to expand our operation encouraged us to liquidate the entire commercial herd and purchase our first Miniature Hereford cattle. That was the beginning of a whole new world for us here at the KP Ranch. Miniature Hereford cattle were NEW to the cattle industry and no one had ever heard of them. In an effort to promote the breed and educate the general public, we began to take cattle to shows to display them with other Hereford cattle. In 1998 we showed at the first true Miniature Hereford show in the USA at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, where we had both the Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Bull and the Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Female. Many, many more Grand and Reserve Champions have followed.

The dedication to the breed and the industry has grown and the show success of the KP Ranch has continued. KP Ranch is the show calf capitol of the Miniature Hereford world.

Miniature Cattle

Miniature Herefords for Sale

We have made some changes. Now, instead of having over 100 calves to choose from, we have a limited number of “The Best” calves and large selection of embryos for sale as well.


Miniature Aussies
for Sale

The KP Ranch has a reputation of Championship bloodlines in Miniature Hereford Cattle. Our goal is to continue the tradition in our Miniature Australian Shepherds.

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