My Sweet Dusti Rose

Dusti Rose

My Sweet Dusti Rose

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My Sweet Dusti Rose, ASDR Champion is a daughter of Babe and Champ, born Jan 27, 2016.  Dusti Rose measured 13 3/8″ in the American Stock Dog Registry measurement in of July 2017 and weighed 15 pounds.  She has two brown almond shaped eyes, a beautifully marked face and a feminine stature.  Very athletic like her mother, Dusti also has a beautifully colored pattern to her fine hair coat.

Babe was my very first Aussie momma dog and Champ my first stud.  So quite naturally, my Sweet Dusti Rose was my “baby”.  Everywhere I went, Dusti was in my pocket or right beside me.  Working cows, mowing the yard, fixing supper or going to town, made no difference, Dusti was with Mom!   It took her a minute to transition from a “Momma’s Baby to a Momma.  Her first litter was a major adjustment in her style, puppies meant nothing, she wanted to come to the house.  That was until I made her a blanket out of my old shirts to nestle her babies in.  With my scent on the blanket with her babies she became a great Momma to not only her first litter but to every following litter. Dusti Rose raised beautiful babies during her years of production and was a very attentive momma.

She is now retired as a momma dog and starting her agility training.  This little athlete is the quickest and fastest highest jumping Aussie on the ranch. If someone can keep up with her, Dusti Rose will make a fantastic agility partner.   There is nothing she likes better than running and jumping.  My Sweet Dusti Rose is a proven producer of beautiful babies who have made many families happy.  I’m anxious to see how she competes in various canine sporting events.  As an American Stock Dog Registry Champion in conformation, the addition of a performance championship will only add to her invaluable status.  This beautiful Dusti blue merle female has a personality beyond belief.  “Queen Bee” is her unofficial title, that she is quite proud of.  She rules everyone with a gentle nudge or a push off of your leg to let you know she’s talking to you.  This little girl wants to sleep close to you and not have another furry bed partner touch her. She wants nothing more than to be the center of your attention but is also very happy to sit in the seat beside you as you run down the road on a cow trip.


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