Oh My Beautiful Katana


Oh My Beautiful Katana

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Oh my beautiful Katana, how happy I am that you are mine.  The first time I saw this gorgeous little momma dog I knew she had to be part of our growing program.  It just so happened that she had given birth to babies on our wedding anniversary.  Which was the day we went to pick up another momma that was sent to be bred. A daughter of Dragon, oh my beautiful Katana is THE perfect Toy Aussie. She too is a double blue eyed black-tri girl with a great little personality.  Lucky for me, her owner was in the process of changing directions in her program and offered her to me. Katana has been a blessing from that day forward.  I did wait a week before we transported her and her three babies from South Dakota back to Nebraska. With warm water bottles nestled between the babies and Katana on my lap we made the trip home.  She soon settled into her new surroundings in the KP doghouse to enjoy life and raise her babies.

Toying with a changing market, we bred Katana to a ten-pound red toy Poodle to make Toy Aussiedoodles.  What a fun venture that began when she gave birth to four pretty babies.  One of those babies was VERY tiny, weighing only 3.7 ounces at birth then slipping to 2.7 ounces before we realized he needed a little help nursing.  What a little fighter he was, eating heartily from a syringe every two hours and nursing momma afterwards finally got him back on track.

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