Rocky Balboa!!

Rocky Balboa!!

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No Longer Available !!! Rocky Balboa!! was not half the fighter this little guy was.  Born weighing 3.7 ounces and dropping back to 2.7 ounces, this little one had a big hill ahead of him.  After several days if “special care” and every 2 hour feeding and monitored nursing from Momma, he rounded the corner & is full speed ahead now.  Bouncing in at 9# 4oz. this little lover is all about whatever is going on.

This beautiful black Aussiedoodle boy is a stoutly built little pal with good bone & strong muscle.  Katana, a sleek black tri toy Aussie is his Momma & Nash, a studly red toy poodle is his Daddy.  Date of birth is June, 2023.

Potty trained, crate trained, up to date on vaccinations & worming,

Rocky is full of energy and ready to play then rest at your feet, or cuddle beside you for a nap.  If you are looking for a loyal little forever friend, Rocky is the guy!!

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